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Fatherly Advice at Lunchtime - # 1

  • Me: People are so stupid.
  • Father: You're being negative.
  • Me: No, they actually are stupid.
  • Father: Give me an example of why you think they are 'stupid'.
  • Me: Okay, someone walks up to me at work, holding a shoe, and asks me for the price. I turn it over and point to the sticker on the bottom, with the price. Why is that so hard to figure out?
  • Father: What if they can't read?
  • Me: They're numbers!
  • Father: What if they can't count?
  • Me: That's ridiculous.
  • Father: No, it's possible. You shouldn't be so negative or quick to jump to the conclusion that they are stupid. It's like if you saw a young girl on the bus, drunk, and you just assumed she was a loser or a bad kid. You have no idea how she got to that point in her life; she could have been beaten as a child or abandoned, and now she's just looking for a little attention. She could be a straight A student, who's just letting loose for the weekend and drank a little too much. You just don't know and you can't assume. Same with these people who come to you asking for the price on the bottom of the shoe; you don't know if they can read or if they can even comprehend the numbers. You don't know their past, you don't know them. Don't judge, look at it differently than you do now, it's called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.
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